During the PRECINCT project Conference on 16-17 May 2023, in Brussels, the DYNABIC project was presented at the end of the day on the 17th May, being the last presentation before the closing of the Conference. The DYNABIC project manager Dr. Erkuden Rios from TECNALIA provided a summary presentation to the audience in a session named “After PRECINCT, DYNABIC”.

To allow participants to understand the context around the research challenges faced, besides the project Consortium and main data, Erkuden presented the project approach together with a high-level description of the planned technology solutions, added value for critical entities resilience, and the planned use cases and scenarios in the transportation, energy, healthcare and telecommunication sectors.

While PRAETORIAN (https://praetorian-h2020.eu/) and PRECINCT (https://www.precinct.info/ ) projects tackled the entire cyber resilience concept, including crisis management, DYNABIC is dedicated to business disruptions management through ensuring system cyber resilience based on MADT. The three projects and the new SUNRISE project (https://sunrise-europe.eu/ ), which was also presented at the Conference, have some commonalities for which the researchers participating in the projects expressed their interest to continue exploring opportunities of collaboration.

A major challenge discussed by participants in the Conference refers to the lack of a common understanding of some of the vocabulary used in projects. DYNABIC has adopted the definitions used by other previous projects and EU Directives (CER and NIS 2), but this is not the case for all the projects. As a main example, hybrid threats concept was not understood by all participants in the same way, and there are also differences in the definition of cyber resilience and how to assess it. By strengthening the cooperation among projects’ participants, we will contribute to vocabulary standardization and understanding of each project’s domain model.

We thank all participants both in remote and in person for attending the presentation and for the interesting questions. We also thank the PRECINCT EU project for the invitation to the Conference. Please keep in touch through our social media Twitter and Linkedin.