DYNABIC Kick-off Meeting Team Photo

DYNABIC in a nutshell

Launched in December 2022, DYNABIC is an EU-funded research project under Horizon Europe (GA ID: 101070455) which brings together 17 partners from 7 EU Member States to develop the DYNABIC Framework. that will enable OES to predict, quantitatively assess and mitigate in real-time business continuity risks and their potential cascading effects.

DYNABIC will elaborate the DYNABIC Multi-Aspect Digital Twin concept and build resilience solutions on top of the use of the MADT of the critical infrastructure under analysis.

«The first year of DYNABIC project was a very fruitiul period where we reached a close collaboration among the partners and established the common vision and objectives of the technical work. The DYNABIC framework architectural design is ready and the partners are excited to start with the solution development.»

Erkuden Rios

Project Manager, Tecnalia

Key Objectives

DYNABIC will increase the resilience and busi-ness continuity capabilities of European critical services in the face of advanced cyber-physical threats. This objective will be pursued by deliv-ering new socio-technical methods, models and tools to support resilience through holistic business continuity risk management and con-trol in operation, and dynamic adaptation of responses at multiple planes of action: system, human and organization planes.

Creating the DYNABIC Framework

During the first year of the project, the DYNABIC consortium has conducted research on methods, models, and tools to support resilience of critical infrastructure. The use cases of the project have been thoroughly analysed and their cyber resilience requirements defined.

The architecture of the DYNABIC Framework has been specified together with the usage scenarios for each of the components. Therefore, the baseline for starting the development of the components is now ready.

DYNABIC Dissemination, Communication, Networking and Exploitation

In the first 12 months of the project, DYNABIC partners have determined and began implementing their Dissemination, Communication, Networking and Exploitation Strategy towards the identified stakeholder groups. As a first step, the consortium set up the project social media and branding guidelines and continued with presentations of the project at external events, participation in EU- funded project clusters and organisation of a first workshop. An overview of all our activities can be found in the news section of our website.

Clusters & Synergies:

  • European Cluster forvSecuring Critical Infrastructures (ECSCI).
  • Innovation Cluster for Electrical Power and Energy Systems (CyberEPES).
  • EC Horizon Results Booster (HRB).
  • ECCO’s group on resilient systems.

Workshops & Conferences

During its first year, DYNABIC contributed to the organization of three workshops, namely MeSS’23, STAM’23, and SCC’23 colocated with major research conferences in the fields of cyber-security, cloud computing, and sotiware engineering. More will come in the coming months!

Among the key events where DYNABIC was presented, our partner DNSC, organized the Bucharest Cybersecurity Conference (12-13 October 2023), a major event gathering industrials, academics, NGOs, thought leaders, policymakers to discuss current progresses and challenges in the evolving cyber-security landscape. Many speakers, including DYNABIC representaƟve parƟcipated in the event.

This was an opportunity to present DYNABIC vision and Framework. Least but not last, DYNABIC Flyers, pens, notes, stickers, etc. were distributed as goodies!