DYNABIC joins the Horizon Results Booster initiative of the European Commission

DYNABIC would like to announce its collaboration with DYNAMO, KARTOS, ELECTRON, and AI4CYBER projects in joining the Horizon Results Booster (https://www.horizonresultsbooster.eu/) initiative by the European Commission. Promoted by the group leader, DYNAMO, this alliance aims to find synergies among the projects and increase the impact of the projects’ outcomes. Together, we will leverage our strengths and expertise to enhance the dissemination and exploitation of our research results.

The free-of-charge support from the Horizon Results Booster that the projects will receive presents an exciting opportunity for synergistic collaboration, enabling us to amplify the reach and effectiveness of our cybersecurity solutions. This collaborative effort underscores our commitment to fostering innovation, knowledge exchange, and effective communication and dissemination within the community. We are convinced that this partnership will bring significant benefits and contribute positively to the broader goals of our projects.

Stay tuned for further updates!