DYNABIC at the ECSCI SPM Workshop






On December 5, 2023, the European Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure (ECSCI) community came together for a Remote Workshop focused on Collaborative Standardisation and Policy Making for Greater Critical Infrastructure (CI) Resilience in Europe. The workshop, driven by the goal of gathering diverse perspectives, aimed to formulate a joint strategy for efficient and effective collaborative standardisation and policy-making initiatives.

The agenda set the stage for a comprehensive exploration of key facets, emphasizing the importance of understanding the European Commission’s long-term vision on CI resilience, learning from closed EU-funded projects, recognizing gaps in current standardisation and policy-making activities, and identifying opportunities presented by ongoing EU-funded projects.

A significant highlight of the workshop was Wissam Mallouli’s presentation on the DYNABIC project. Coordinated by Tecnalia, Spain in the person of Dr. Erkuden Rios. Wissam Mallouli, partner of the project from Montimage (France), provided insights into the project’s framework, key results, and the adoption of standards crucial to enhancing cybersecurity. The standards adopted by the DYNABIC project covered diverse areas:

  • Digital twins for cybersecurity: ISO/IEC 30172 Digital twin–use cases, ISO/IEC 30173:2023 DT concepts and terminology, No security yet.
  • Cyber resilience: ENISA reports, NIST SP 800-160, NIST CSF.
  • Cyber incident information sharing: NIS 2 Directive, STIX.
  • Business disruption event sharing: CER Directive.

This presentation not only showcased the progress and outcomes of the DYNABIC project but also contributed valuable insights into the practical adoption of standards within an active EU-funded initiative.

Throughout the workshop, participants engaged in discussions aimed at synchronizing efforts, sharing experiences and lessons learned from closed projects, and collectively addressing the challenges and opportunities in CI resilience. The day concluded with a focus on joint perspectives, fostering collaboration among stakeholders to strengthen the standardisation and policy-making landscape for the benefit of Europe’s Critical Infrastructure.